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Wainwright's Bee Farm

Back in the 70's I bought my first two hives from a retired vicar and these became the seeds from which the rest of the company has grown.
We now have about 750 hives around our base in west Wales as well as at separate operations in Shropshire and Wiltshire.

We set up groups of 12 to 24 hives, usually in the corner of a field.

The bees benefit the farmer by pollinating many different crops such as clover, oilseed rape, beans, borage and fruit. The bees also fan out for about a mile in all directions pollinating wildflowers and trees.
Our photo story shows the cycle of the year on a bee farm, from the first stirrings of the bees in the early spring to cropping the honey at the end of the summer. We try to produce as many distinct varieties of honey as we can, from the diverse landscapes across the British Isles.


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