Tropical Forest Products honey and beeswax suppliers


We have specialised in the supply of organic African beeswax since 1990, and were the first company to hold a license for this product.

We currently supply beeswax from Cameroon, Ethiopia and Zambia as both conventional and organic-certified. All our beeswax comes from similar beekeepers, it is simply that some groups are registered organic whilst others are not yet registered. The raw material and the beekeeping methods are the same in each case. This means that there are no detectable residues in either the organic or conventional beeswax since none of the beekeepers use veterinary products.

The organic beeswax is refined by filtration to the COSMOS standard to produce a granulated pale yellow product packed in 25kg cartons. Conventional beeswax is further refined to a white granulated state. Both products comply with the latest European Pharmacopaeia standard.

Minimum order is 25kg.

Please contact us for further details.

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