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Wainwright's Bee Farm

We aim to produce a range of honey varieties from our own hives, which is why we have hives scattered in locations across Wales and England. These are interesting varieties with instantly recognisable flavours, textures and appearances.

Currently, the varieties we produce are:

  • Welsh wildflower honey
  • Welsh heather honey
  • Shropshire spring honey
  • Shropshire summer honey
  • Salisbury Plain honey
  • Borage honey

A further refinement is honey from a particular apiary in a particular season, when a lucky combination of weather patterns and bee forage produces an especially memorable honey.

From time to time on my travels I come across a beekeeper producing an interesting honey, for example French lavender honey. These occasionally make a guest appearance under the Wainwright’s Bee Farm label.

You can view the Wainwright Bee Farm photo story here.

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