Tropical Forest Products honey and beeswax suppliers

Where to Buy

Honey in Jars

We supply our honeys to selected supermarkets, online retailers and wholesalers.

Own Label

We also supply some of the leading quality supermarkets with our honey, under their labels.

Bulk Honey

We supply many industrial users, in particular cosmetics manufacturers, with a wide range of honey varieties in 25kg pails and 290kg drums.

Please contact us for availability and prices.


We supply African beeswax in bulk, both organic and conventional, to many industrial users of all sizes.
All the beeswax is free from residues and is refined to different grades according to the intended application.

Please contact us for availability and prices.

Wainwright's Bee Farm

Honey from the bee farm is packed under our own label as well under the labels of several quality retailers.

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