Tropical Forest Products organic honey and beeswax wholesalers

Bulk Honey and Beeswax

Contact us for ordering information, prices and documentation relating to our honey and beeswax suitable for food and cosmetics manufacture that we supply in bulk (25kg to 25 tonnes).


We source organic beeswax from Ethiopia (white) and Cameroon (yellow).
If colour is critical we advise requesting a pre-shipment sample to ensure compatibility with your product.

We also supply conventional beeswax.

Organic wax is certified by the Soil Association.

All our beeswax is refined and granulated by The British Wax Refining Company.


We can supply all our honey varieties in bulk quantities of 25kg or more. Or, if you have a specific requirement, please contact us

Ultrafiltered Honey

Researched and developed over a number of years, this honey product is manufactured specifically for the cosmetics industry.
Available in quantities of 25kg or 290kg.