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African Honey: Cameroon

Cameroon is a long, thin country in West Africa stretching from tropical rainforest in the south to the outskirts of the Sahara desert in the north. In the centre of the country is a belt of mixed forest and grassland, an ideal habitat for bees to prosper.
Many of the trees in the forest produce a lot of nectar and pollen resulting a rich, dark honey with a treacle-like taste.

The beekeepers make hives from a framework of bamboo covered with grass and hang them up in trees, where soon a swarm arrives looking for a home and occupies the hive. The bees set to work, some secrete beeswax and others use this to build combs so that in a few months the hive is heavy, full of honeycombs and ready to crop.

We import most of our beeswax from Cameroon. It is a rich yellow beeswax free from chemical residues since it comes from beekeepers using traditional methods in the forest far from sources of pollution or intensive agriculture.


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