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Table Honey

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Contact us for ordering information, prices and documentation relating to our honey and beeswax suitable for food and cosmetics manufacture that we supply in bulk (25kg to 25 tonnes).

African Honey

Organic Forest Honey.

Richly-flavoured organic honey from the vast miombo forests of Zambia. Not only zambia...?
African honey has a complex and robust taste resulting from the diverse forage available to the bees.
It is quite different to UK and EU honeys, but delicious - a connoisseur's honey.

Available in 340g and 454g jars and 3.18kg tubs as both clear and set honey.
Certified by the Soil Association.

You can see more about our African Honey here.

UK and EU Honeys

Wainwright’s Bee Farm, our commercial UK bee farm, produces a range of quality honey varieties from our own bees.

  • Welsh Heather Honey
  • Welsh Summer Honey
  • Salisbury Plain Honey
  • Shropshire Honey
  • Borage Honey

We also source other British and EU varieties from selected honey producers.
The availability of these honeys varies depending on the harvest in a particular year.
Please contact us for the latest list.